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Mixing Screw Element Manufacturer

SKR Machinery provide spare parts replacing service for the international brand like Coperion, KraussMaffei, Leistritz, JSW, Battenfeld etc. and 90% China brand, Jwell, Beier,Tongjia,KY, Useon, CPM Ruiya etc. Meanwhile, we also provide surveying and mapping business as well as processing business for accessories made by major extruding machine companies.

Your Reliable China Mixing Screw Element for twin screw extruder Manufacturer

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Twin screw extruder screw element

SME Screw Element

SME Screw Element

Toothed Mixing Element

Toothed Mixing Element

Zester Mixing Element

Zester Mixing Element

LS Element

LS Element

Rotor Element

Rotor Element

Side Feeder Element

Side Feeder Element

Transition Element

Transition Element

Double flighted Screw Element

Double - flighted Screw Element

Detail display

We offer a broader choice of materials:

For wear application:
* High Speed Tool Steel : W6Mo5Cr4V2;

high speed tool steel:

1) High Speed Tool Steel, the steel has a high hardenability and thermal cracking resistance, the steel contains a higher content of tungsten,molybdenum,chromium and alum, good wear resistance, toughness is relatively weakened, with good heat resistance.
2) High hardness,Hardenallity HRC up to 65.

* PM-HIP material : SAM10,SAM26,SAM39,CPM10V,CPM9V

For corrosion application:
* Nitride Steel: 38CrMoAIA
* PM-HIP material : SAM26,SAM39,CPM10V,CPM9V

For wear and corrosion application:
* PM-HIP material : SAM26,SAM39,CPM10V,CPM9V

Other materials:
Stainless Steel: 316L ,C276 etc.

By working closely with customers in choosing optional materials, we can minimize wear and tear and associated costs.

conveying screw element detail-display
conveying screw element


The mixing screw element can process below materials:

  • General Plastics
  • PA + GF(Glass Fiber)
  • Flame-resistant Reinforced Plastics
  • Modified Engineering Plastics
  • All kinds of Mixed Recycled Material(in Scrap or Granule),etc

We are foucs on each process to make sure screw segment for extruder machine is qualified according to Germany technical requirement. We will check each parameters for finished parts to make sure all qualified according to Germany technical requirements.

Why Choose Us

Our equipment

Advanced Technique

Adopt the European high- speed steel powder processing technology and do the treatment according to the strict heat treatment process to ensure the wear and corrosion performance same as the foreign brands.

Precision Machining

All components are machined by CNC machines to ensure the shapes and tolerances of the elements; The internal splines is checked by the spline plug to ensure interchangeability of components; There are various prepared technical information and fixtures for the various brands extruders to ensure the timely lead time.

Industry Solutions

The modern management system can ensure the products 100% qualified and tracked.Professional technical team can not only provide timely and accurate mapping sample design but also the combination of elements of technical services

Guaranteed Quality

All the materials are purchased from the domestic brands or European twin-screw specialty materials suppliers, which tested by elemental analysis and metallurgical inspections to ensure the quality

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