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30°/45°/60° Standard Kneading Block

Kneading elements form an important functional part of the co-rotating twin screw extruder. The melting process is generally carried out in the kneading block. Standard kneading blocks are characterized by the length, number of discs and the offset angle between the discs.


The kneading block is made up of multiple pieces arranged clockwise or counter-clockwise at a certain angle (30° or 45° or 60° ). In the double-flighted kneading block, the number of  pieces should be such that the pieces are displaced by 180°, KB30°=7 pieces, KB45°=5 pieces, KB60°=4 pieces. The transport direction of the kneading block can be divided into forward, reverse and neutral. With the same misalignment angle of the kneading block, the different thickness of the pieces can produce different effects, as shown below.

AKB30° kneading block gap between pieces may allow some mixing to occur, the gap between channels flow is small, forward = small amount of mixing, reverse = high pressure.

AKB45° kneading block has greater mixing capacity than AKB30° kneading block, less conveying capacity than AKB30° kneading block, forward = medium strength mixing, reverse = medium high pressure. AKB60° kneading block has greater mixing capacity than AKB45°; less conveying capacity than AKB45°, forward = moderate mixing; reverse = moderate to low pressure

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