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What are extruder screw elements?

Extruder screw elements play a vital role in ensuring efficient and top-notch plastic production. They are the driving force behind the machinery, making them a crucial necessity for various industries. In this article, we will delve into the world of extruder screw elements, examining their varieties, functions, and the materials used in their construction.

The definition of extruder screw elements

Extruder screw elements are the building blocks of efficient and high-quality plastic production. Their role in the industry is indispensable. Let’s learn more about extruder screw elements to make better use of it. Extruder screw elements are components used in the design of extrusion machinery, such as plastic or rubber extruders, to facilitate the continuous processing and shaping of materials.

What are the types of twin screw extruder screw elements?

Convey screw segment

The Convey screw segment is engineered to provide superior conveying capabilities within the extruder. Its unique design ensures efficient material movement while minimizing the risk of overheating, making it an essential component for various industrial applications.

Mixing screw segment

Mixing screw segments are dedicated to ensuring the homogeneity of materials being processed. They excel at blending different components, resulting in a uniform and high-quality end product.

Mixing screw segment

Kneading Block & Disk

Kneading Block and Disk elements are specifically designed for optimizing the melting process and improving the dispersion of additives. Their incorporation in the extruder leads to enhanced product quality and consistency.

Transition Screw Element

The Transition Screw Element acts as a bridge between different screw segments, ensuring a smooth transition of materials. It is essential for maintaining a consistent flow throughout the extrusion process.

 Deep Groove Transfer Element

The Deep Groove Transfer Element plays a crucial role in promoting a steady and efficient flow of materials. Its deep grooves facilitate the movement of materials, reducing the risk of blockages and ensuring a consistent output.

 Screw Element for Side Feeder

Designed for side feeders, this element ensures that additional materials are efficiently integrated into the extrusion process. It contributes to the versatility of the extruder, making it suitable for various applications.

 1-Flighted / 2-Flighted / 3-Flighted Screw Elements

These screw elements come in various configurations, each serving a specific purpose. The 1-flighted, 2-flighted, and 3-flighted elements offer flexibility and control over the extrusion process, allowing for customization according to the material and desired end product.

 OEM Special Screw Elements

OEM Special Screw Elements are tailored to meet the unique requirements of specific industries. They are customized to optimize performance and enhance the overall extrusion process, ensuring maximum efficiency.

What materials are used for extruder screw elements?

45# Steel: 45# steel is a cost-effective choice for extruder screw elements, valued for its affordability while offering decent performance in various extrusion applications.

40Cr Steel: When compared to No. 45 steel, 40Cr steel outperforms with superior characteristics, making it an excellent choice for extruder screws, especially in demanding manufacturing scenarios.

Nitrided Steel and 38CrMoAl: Nitrided Steel and 38CrMoAl are celebrated for their outstanding performance as materials for extruder screw elements. They outshine in areas such as wear resistance, durability, and efficiency, rendering them superb choices for a wide array of extrusion tasks.

Particularly, nitride steel 38CrMoALA exhibits a remarkable combination of high surface hardness and a softer core post-heat treatment. This unique composition grants it considerable corrosion resistance, exceptional toughness, and reduced susceptibility to cracking. As a result, it’s ideally suited for processing mildly corrosive materials, offering a remarkable balance between performance and cost-efficiency.

W6Mo5Cr4V2: W6Mo5Cr4V2, with its distinctive composition, proudly presents extraordinary characteristics, such as impressive hardness and exceptional wear resistance. These attributes position it as a preferred choice for precise extrusion applications where both durability and precision are of utmost importance.

Similarly, nitride steel 38CrMoALA, featuring high surface hardness and a resilient core post-heat treatment, delivers notable corrosion resistance and robust toughness. Its resistance to cracking is commendable, making it an excellent fit for processing mildly corrosive materials, all while offering high cost efficiency.

Why choose extruder screw elements from SKRSCREW?

Rich resources of extruder equipment drawing

  • We’ve supported numerous twin-screw extruder manufacturers for years, amassing a substantial collection of equipment model drawings. This enables us to swiftly and accurately offer thread component replacement services to our customers.
  • We have supplied many top twin screw extruder manufacturers and plastic compounding enterprises, such as Leistritz, Coperion, Krauss Maffei, Jwell, CPM, KY, and 90% China brands… 
  • We have supplied many leading compounding clients as well, such as  KINGFA, HARMONY COMPANY, WANHUA, PRET, KUMHO-SUNNY, DSM, Nanjing JIN SHAN Automotive Engineering Plastics Co., LTD. … All of them are famous compounding companies,  we provide screw elements for them, some also supply them the TSE equipment for them.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

  • Utilizing Advanced Techniques
  • We employ European high-speed steel powder processing technology, coupled with rigorous heat treatment processes, ensuring that our products match the wear and corrosion resistance of foreign brands.

Precision Machining

  • CNC machining for precise component shapes and tolerances
  • Internal spline checks guarantee component interchangeability
  • Prepared technical information and fixtures for various extruder brands ensure timely production.
Precision Machining

Tailored Industry Solutions

  • Modern management system for 100% product qualification and traceability
  • Our professional technical team offers timely and accurate mapping sample design and comprehensive technical support.

Quality Assurance

  • We source materials from domestic brands and European twin-screw specialty materials suppliers
  • Rigorous elemental analysis and metallurgical inspections ensure product quality.


Nanjing SiKeRun Machinery Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to twin-screw extruder design, production, and after-sales service for over 20 years.

Our primary focus lies in the research, development, and manufacturing of parallel twin-screw extruders and associated components. We specialize in creating high-wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant screw components. In addition, we offer technology diagnosis services to help our customers identify and resolve technical issues, providing tailored solutions and customized products to meet individual requirements.

In China, SKR production capacity is listed in the top 4. We not only support and provide replacement parts for leading domestic machinery manufacturers but also export our products to countries such as Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, and so on.

If you have any needs, welcome to contact us for a consultation! Our professionals will address your inquiries and offer recommendations.

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