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Extruder Screw Elements Manufacturer

Sikerun Machinery specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of parallel twin-screw extruders and their accessories. We provide high-wear-resistant and anticorrosive screw elements. Meanwhile, we also provide surveying and mapping business as well as processing business for accessories made by major extruding machine companies.

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Chinaplas 2024

Chinaplas 2024

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Featured Products


30°/45°/60°/90° Standard Kneading Block

Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good comprehensive performance, wide application.


Conveying Screw Elements

Single – flighted/Double – flighted/SK Screw Element
High-speed tool steel W6Mo5Cr4V2, wear-resistant, vacuum quenching treated.


Mixing Screw Elements

SME/TME/ZME Screw Element
 Tool Steel: W6Mo5Cr4V2. PM-HIP material:WR5,WR13,WR14,CPM10V,CPM9V.

About Us

Sikerun Machinery is a professional research and development and manufacturing enterprise of twin-screw extruder auxiliary machines and accessories.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the development and production of complete sets of twin-screw extruder core components, the products involve screw elements, shafts, barrels, adjustable spray gun, etc., and provide tailor-made solutions for customs

Sikerun brand twin-screw extruder parts have been used in Leistritz, Coperion, Krauss Maffei, Jwell, CPM, Sonner and 90% China brand. The industry involves the plastics industry, petrochemical industry, powder coatings, food industry, wood plastics and so on.

The company not only supplies the spare parts service for domestic first-line brand OEMs and plastics manufacturers, but also sells them to Poland, Japan, Israel, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, UK, USA, Mexico. Russia, Brazil and other twin-screw extruder manufacturers user.

We are Professional Extrusion Spare Parts Provider

Professional R&D Team

From placing an order, our engineering team manufactures strictly according to the drawings and processes. 

Advanced Processing Equipment

Advanced processing equipment to ensure high quality and precision

Professional Testing Equipment

Each link has a process document, and uses scientific circular inspection methods and professional quality inspection personnel to ensure that the quality of the product and various indicators reach 100%.

International Certificate

Compliant with international certifications, meeting or even exceeding industry standards.

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Our Partner

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